NewGenPak International Seminar

The International Seminar was originally scheduled to be held in Sheffield in May 2015. However, ITENE agreed to host the IAPRI conference in Valencia from 8th to the 11th June 2015. The opportunity to avail of the venue and the administration available was attractive to the NewGenPak consortium and the decision to hold the International Seminar in Valencia in June 2015 was ratified at the Supervisory Board meeting held in Grenoble in February 2015.

The flier for the event was made available electronically to all the IAPRI attendees. The schedule was organised so that members of the Supervisory Board introduced the research area associated with each Workpackage, then the Marie Curie Researchers each presented their results. Finally, the significant outcomes from each Workpackage, together with the potential for exploitation, was summarised by a second, relevant member of the Supervisory teams.

The researchers all gave professional, high quality presentations and handled questions and comments from the delegates. Fifty delegates attended the International Seminar making the whole process an extremely useful developmental exercise for the researchers who had been  strongly encouraged and mentored to deliver presentations at the international conference level.

Please find below the seminar schedule, with links to each of the presentations:

Seminar Schedule

12.00    NewGenPak – Origins, Activities and Outcomes.

Professor Chris Breen, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom.

12.10    WP1: Next Generation Packaging Composites Origins, Activities and Goals.

Professor Lars Järnström, Karlstad University, Sweden.

12.20    Rheological properties and microstructures of coating dispersions and their impact on the architecture of the dry coating layer.

Yana Petkova-Olsson, Karlstad University, Sweden.

12.35    Novel hybrid PLA based nanocellulose/nanoclay composites for food packaging applications.

Jon Trifol Guzman, Danish Technical University, Denmark.

12.50    MFC-PLA multilayer films as sustainable gas barriers for packaging applications.

Caglar Mericer, University of Bologna, Italy.

13.05    Using nanoscale computational models to probe the barrier properties of dry, clay-based coatings.

Nikita Siminel, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom.

13.20    WP1 – Summary, outcomes and future perspectives.

Dr Marco Giacinti, University of Bologna, Italy.

13.30 LUNCH

14.30    WP2: Next Generation Cellulose-Fibre Based Active Packaging Origins, Activities and Goals.

Dr Graziano Elegir, INNOVHUB-SSi, Milan, Italy.

14.40    Anchoring antimicrobial agents on the surface of nanocellulose

Seema Saini, Grenoble INP, France.

14.55    Controlled release of active molecules through nanocomposite films using nanofibrillated cellulose.

Sofiya Shopova, ITENE, Valencia, Spain.

15.10    Antimicrobial coatings based on multiphase dispersions, incorporating cinnamon oil, for food packaging.

Qihao Tan, West Pomeranian University of Technology/CBIMO, Szczecin, Poland.

15.25    WP2 – Summary, outcomes and future perspectives.

Dr. Julien Bras, Grenoble INP, France.

15.35 COFFEE

15.50    WP3 – Sustainable Packaging Production, Origins, Activities and Goals

Dr Mercedes Hortal, ITENE, Valencia, Spain.

16.00    Photoactive nanoparticles in paper-based packaging: a study on their antibacterial effect and impact on end of life options.

Joana Mendes, INNOVHUB-SSi, Milan, Italy.

16.15    Sustainability considerations in fibre-based packaging development incorporating nano-materials

Hai Zhang, ITENE, Valencia, Spain.

16.45    WP3 – Summary, outcomes and future perspectives.

Sanne Tiekstra, Bumaga, Arnhem, The Netherlands.

16.55 Concluding remarks – Professor Chris Breen.

17.00 Conference ends