Sofiya Shopova – Early Stage Researcher

My name is Sofiya Shopova and I am from Bulgaria. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Master’s degree in Polymer science from Sofia University ¨St. Kliment Ohridski¨. I had the pleasure of becoming a member of the Laboratory of Structure and Properties of Polymers in the Faculty of Chemistry. My work was to investigate different biopolymers for biomineralization process. This eventually became part of my Master thesis namely preparing and characterizing polymeric triple blends based on natural polysaccharides and gelatin, and their use as scaffold for biomineralization.

I am an early stage researcher undertaking a doctorate in Valencia, within the project NEWGENPAK. I am researching my PhD at ITENE in Active packaging materials with the ability to release active substances via physical or chemical triggering and modulating mechanisms, under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Susana Aucejo and Dr. Jose Bermudez.

Becoming a Marie Curie fellow I have the opportunity of working with open minded and creative people from different universities, research centers and enterprises. The Marie Curie grant is giving me the chance to gain plenty of scientific experience, to have complementary trainings needed to fulfill and improve my work. I´ll carry out part of my research in different European countries by doing two secondments in a university and in a company that is also participating with the project. This will not just teach me to new techniques for improving my work but also sharing knowledge within the network. After all the main idea of the ITN-Marie Curie Action is to create a network linking universities and business giving chance to early stage researchers to improve their skills by becoming a part of established research teams.

Being part of such original research project affecting the critical aspects of sustainable packaging will enhance my future career prospect.