Seema Saini – Early Stage Researcher

I am carrying out doctoral research under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Julien Bras and Dr. Naceur Belgacem on the topic “Surface modification of nanocellulose to impart active properties”.

The essential requirements for this project are that the Researcher should have knowledge in the subject area of biomaterials, especially cellulose, and experience with microbiology and immunology. My background in biotechnology (Bachelors) and paper technology (Masters) gave me an advantage to help me acquire this position.

From the beginning of the literature review, I have become acquainted with the potential of microfibrillated cellulose in different disciplines such as medicines, food packaging, paints and personal care products etc.  Innovation being the prime motive for the Marie Curie Newgenpak project, it gives me an extended opportunity to be creative and imaginative in the area of sustainable growth in packaging.