Qihao Tan – Early Stage Researcher

My name is Qihao Tan and I was born in Qingdao, at the east coast of China.

In 2007, I came to the UK to study. I achieved two degrees at the University of Sheffield: The BEng Biomaterials Science and Tissue Engineering, and MSc Biological and Bioprocess Engineering. To balance my study and life, I undertook a part-time job and also volunteered, which gave me the chance to meet new people, improve my soft skills. Moreover, in my spare time, I learned Forensic Science which I am personally interested in and achieved a Level 3 Certificate  (NCFE Award).

After graduation, I joined NEWGENPAK project as early stage researcher (ESR, PhD student) in CBIMO, ZUT, Szczecin, Poland. My topic as the ESR-7 is antimicrobial coating on paper packaging based on multiphase dispersion.

I really enjoy the ESR life, which is abundant and colorful. It includes workshop, conference, Marie Curie Ambassador Activities and after-work drinks and bowling with co-workers.  The pictures below show the workshop in Valencia held by ITENE which included training, meeting, guide tour, visit industrial facility, and dinner with all partners.

Moreover, we have some chance to attend conference and meetings outside the project. The pictures below are a meeting hold by COST Action FP1003.

Here are photos from the Marie Curie Ambassador activities I did last year. I was involved in an awareness raising event as part of a schools open day. There were four separate groups of forty students. The students were introduced to the Centre for Bioimmobilisation (CBIMO) where I work and then I was introduced to them and wrote their names on paperboard (in Chinese) using a starch solution. The student then sprayed it with iodine solution and place it in a drying tunnel – upon which their name appeared.

Then, here is the workshop 2 in Bologna. Pictures show the guide tour and visiting industry.

On 20th March, I attend COST action FP1003 meeting in Bratislava. We discussed biobased materials, sustainable packaging. There were 8 expert presentations which covered a wide range of topics such as paper, materials, innovation and processing. (see picture below)