Midaugas Bulota – Experienced Researcher

Within the NewGenPak one of the aims is to focus on the development of novel solutions which would facilitate better control over food products as well as inform users if there are any health hazards related to improper storage of food. Approximately 1/3 of food is wasted either in a supply chain or households, thus new ways to improve quality control are important. Printing process in production of intelligent packaging has many advantages, such as speed, costs and reproducibility, just to name a few. Although there are some proven intelligent packaging concepts on a lab scale, the implementation is rather at its infancy in industry. Therefore this ER (experienced researcher) position has been allocated to concentrate on the intelligent packaging with a focus on scale-up technology. I was appointed to the position in January, 2013. This appointment will last for a year at Bumaga BV, Netherlands. I have received my Bachelor degree from Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania) in industrial engineering. Latter, moved to Finland where in 2008 has received a Masters degree in Forest Products Technology. It has been a successful research cooperation with UPM-Kymmene (Finland) which focused on the assessment of moisture content in birch veneer. Since 2009 I worked at Aalto University as a doctoral candidate. My work on nanocellulose reinforced plastics, in particular, deformation mechanics has been published in international scientific journals and summarized in a doctoral dissertation. I have shown that nanocellulose can be effectively used as a toughening agent of brittle plastics as well as reinforcement and this can be controlled through the chemical modification of cellulose. I received my Doctor of Science degree (D.Sc.) with distinction from Aalto University (Finland) in 2012