Joana Mendes – Early Stage Researcher

I joined the NewGenPak project in October 2012 at Innovhub – Stazioni Sperimentali per l’industria in Italy working under the topic “Developing active packaging solutions through incorporation of organic/inorganic active components in renewable materials” with the supervision of Dr. Graziano Elegir and Dr. Patrizia Sadocco.

My former studies in environmental engineering and my Masters degree in materials derived from renewable resources has allowed me to develop knowledge in products life cycle assessment, science materials and agro-forestry biomass as well as its biopolymers, particularly in terms of structure, properties and chemical processing.

Within this Marie Curie, NewGenPak project, I have been working with several partners from other countries getting to know different working environments and thus opening new prospects in my personal life and professional future career.

After this project I would like to work in the field of innovative products and apply the knowledge gained during my PhD to develop new materials and environmentally friendly packaging solutions in the biobased packaging field, taking into account the best and most sustainable materials for the right applications and needs.