Hai Zhang – Early Stage Researcher

I am Hai, working in ITENE, Spain, with a background from paper and printing technology. In the “NewGenPak” project, I was secretly coded as the “ESR-10”.

As stated in Timothy’s comprehensive review of nanotechnology in food packaging[1], “Manipulation of matter on the nanoscale will continue to yield exciting and unforeseen products”, however, before launching the bionanocomposite packaging material to the consumer market, sustainability assessment should be properly carried out.

In this project, my task is to introduce sustainability indicators in the early stage of material development­—to facilitate the active agent immobilization, and then use the sophisticated LCA (life cycle assessment) tool to investigate the environmental, economic and social impacts in all the related aspects: packaging production, shelf life, food safety and end of life.

Particularly, what interests me most is the case study in the final stage, which allows us to acquire the first-hand knowledge in marketing exploration and consumer acceptance addressing the cellulose based packaging material and the incorporated active properties.

By participating in the Marie Curie Initial Training Network, I wish to actively interact with other researchers and the industrial partners, and therefore building up a solid platform for my future career.

[1] Timothy V. Duncan, Applications of nanotechnology in food packaging and food safety: Barrier materials, antimicrobials and sensors, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 363(2011)1-24