Filip Jedra

I joined the project at the beginning of 2014 holding an Experienced Researcher position in Work Package 3 and I work on the topic “Minimising losses in production and management of packaging waste”.

I got my MSc degree at Science of Commodities and Quality Management.  I graduated in 2008 from the West Pomeranian University of  Technology in Szczecin, Poland. Shortly after getting a diploma, I began PhD studies in the Centre of Bioimmobilisation  and Innovative Packaging Materials at the same university. The topic of the thesis is “Innovative methods of manufacturing of composite PLA film with enhanced barrier properties”. The project title reflects my scientific interests, which are bioplastics, innovative composites and various multi-component packaging materials, especially the ones applicable in food industry. Apart from that, I have also carried out various research of packaging materials for industrial partners, such as mechanical and barrier properties tests and numerous spectroscopy and microscopy analysis.

In January 2014 I defended my PhD thesis and started working in End Products section in Bumaga – Arnhem, the Netherlands. As a member of NGP, I will contribute the team with knowledge about biopolymers and bioplastics. I am going to work on implementation of biodegradable materials to paper and board industry as well as carry out analyses of durability of multilayer cellulose based systems containing bioplastics. Furthermore, having experience in manufacturing polymer blends by extrusion process and performing plastic film processing, coating and laminating trials, I will be working on assessment of recyclability and life cycle of cellulose-based/polymer composites and multilayer systems in selected Dutch paper mills.