Esther Escolano – Early Stage Researcher

I was born in Barcelona, Spain and studied Biotechnology at the Polytechnic University of Vic, followed by a Master of Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Barcelona.

I was interested in starting a PhD on paper technology and I found an interesting European project training network called NewGenPak which consists of 8 European universities, 4 research institutes and 6 enterprises, with an extensive resource of complementary expertise which incorporates all the required disciplines for sustainable package innovation; from chemistry, material science, biopolymer chemistry nanoparticles production, innovative coating formulation and processing methods, package concept, design, testing, production  and the societal perspectives.

A Partner in the NewGenPak project, PTS is a professional organisation, with excellent facilities which allows me to carry out my PhD. My subject is to meet packaging requirements for effective product and consumer protection, moreover, minimizing environmental impact by using the capabilities of multi-layer curtain coating technologies. Contributing to the development and improvement of new sustainability packaging using the new technology is very interesting.

I joined PTS in July 2012, and I continue to study and undertake training, not only my own research in to the literature but I have also attended a seminar at PTS on the subject of sicheres kleben bei der verarbeitung von papier und karton.  PTS have also given me the chance to attended the  Münchener papier- seminar  über  Streicherei- Grundlagen und Chemische additives in der Hochschule München.

The laboratory technicians from Heidenau and München also give me individual training on several of the instruments, for example, Scanning Electron Microscope, laboratory coating, particle size instrument and the viscometer.

Finally I have started a project with my PTS supervisors together with others institutions, companies and universities that will give me the chance to grow in two ways, socially and intellectually, which will help me personally to progress in my future career.