Caglar Mericer – Early Stage Researcher

I am currently an ESR working on the topic of “Analysis and modelling of gas barrier properties of biodegradable MFC-clay bionanocomposites” and a PhD student at University of Bologna under the supervision of Dr. Marco Giacinti Baschetti and Dr. Matteo Minelli.

I completed my Bachelor and Master degrees in chemical engineering in Istanbul, Turkey focusing on the research topics of molecular simulation of adsorption in zeolites and analysis of cracking phenomena along conformational transition pathways of proteins respectively. This project is a new challenge for me in terms of studying experimentally with novel materials and my computational background will definitely help me through the modeling activity for understanding of structure-property relationships which take role during mass transport processes in nanostructured materials and have effect on their barrier properties.

First challenges in this project were getting familiar with experimental devices and investigating biomaterials that have been studied in the literature so far. Our group is currently working very hard to produce and comprehensively characterise bionanocomposite materials with strong barrier properties by using MFC based nanostructured coatings or fillers. I am very delightful to be a part of this promising research project that can be a huge step forward for the society as well as for individual researchers to become the leading scientist of the future in the area of sustainable packaging.