DemonstrationOutreach activities targeted to the general public are an important element of the Marie Curie philosophy, offer crucial added value and help the researchers meet their responsibilities as defined by the European Charter for Researchers. The researchers will identify suitable avenues through which the outreach activity can be delivered and use them to design and plan their outreach activities.

The aim is to increase awareness within the general public about the research carried out in NEWGENPAK and its implications for EU citizens. In particular students from schools and universities will be targeted in order to make them more aware of science, research and innovation thus encouraging them to consider a career in scientific research. Podcasts and articles in newspapers and other relevant media including video-clips will be produced. Finally, the researchers will also take an active role in developing the NEWGENPAK e-newsletters for the younger scientists market.

DemonstrationTypical annual events in the UK include the British Science Association’s annual meeting, National Science Week, TechFest in Scotland and the Big Bang Affair.

Researchers will also be directed to specialist FP7 funded outreach activities such as www.nanotouch.eu, www.timefornano.eu, and www.nanoyou.eu for examples of good practice – particularly in reaching school students and their parents.

The Kavli Foundation which runs out of Cornell University in the US (www.kavlifoundation.org) provides a highly professional example.

Marie Curie Ambassador Activities