Marie Curie Ambassador Activities

Marie Curie Ambassador Activity of Çağlar Meriçer

( NewGenPak ESR at UNIBO)

 03 April 2013


Çağlar Meriçer organised a Marie Curie Ambassador Event to promote NewGenPak and Marie Curie Actions at chemical engineering department of Boğaziçi University where he graduated from a Masters degree in Istanbul, Turkey. The topic of the presentation was Barrier Properties of Microfibrillated Cellulose (MFC).


30 people of audience mostly consisting of Masters students who attended for their ChE 579 Graduate Seminar course which helps to extend their knowledge about the work in the industry and literature, some PhD students and professors were present as well at the event all willing to learn more about the career opportunities and international research network provided by the European Union.


The aim of the NewGenPak project has been emphasized as international training network aimed in preparing youg researches to be leading figures in European packaging industry as well as a research project focused on the study of  novel bionanomaterials, such as MFC with their important barrier properties, which are very promising for innovative packaging applications.

During the presentation therefore not only the experimental results obtained at UNIBO labs were considered, but also the general framework of Marie Curie project were presented as well as useful links where announcements for jobs, news and developments can be found directly to meet public awareness and guide young researchers’ career path.


InnovHub January 2013

Joana Mendes (ESR6 from InnovHub) attended the seminar “Imballaggi in Carta e Cartone nuove soluzioni sostenibili” in January 2013 and presented as a Marie Curie Ambassador –  Newgenpak project – An international school for the development of innovative and sustainable cellulosic packaging.

More than 100 people from industry and research centers attended this event organized by Comieco and InnovHub. It was focus on cellulosic packaging and dedicated to innovation in the field of materials and eco-design.

Site and video of the conference:–imballaggi-in-carta-e-cartone-nuove-soluzioni-sostenibili-.aspx


ZUT September 2012

Qihao Tan (ZUT) was involved in an awareness raising event as part of a schools open day. There were four separate groups of forty students who were then further subdivided. The students were introduced to the Centre for Bioimmobilisation (CBIMO) where Qihao works and then Qihao was introduced to the students (see powerpoint slides below) and then she wrote the students name on paperboard (in Chinese) using a starch solution. The student then sprayed it with iodine solution and place it in a drying tunnel – upon which their name appeared.