MC ambassador activity report from Hai and Sofiya


Hai Zhang (ESR-10) and Sofiya Shopova (ESR-8) carried out a Marie Curie Ambassador activity in Valencia Polytechnic University on October 28th, 2014. More than 30 masters students from the department of Food Science participated. During the event, Hai and Sofiya promoted the Marie Curie ITN with a lecture and free discussion, encouraging the students to apply for the program and develop their future career in research at the top-level. They also introduced the NewGenPak project and the latest developments in packaging, such as the concept of nanocomposites, the sustainability benefits for promoting the use of renewable and biodegradable material in packaging sector. In particular, they shared their own experiences from taking part in the Marie Curie ITN funded project. After the lecture, the students asked many questions, for example, how to apply the Marie Curie positions, what are the criteria for the selection of the candidates, secondments in the consortium institute, also questions addressing the samples that the ESRs brought to the event; the prototype beverage bottles made from the nanoclay reinforced PLA, and the nanofibrillated cellulose.
Sofiya Hai