Yana Petkova – Marie Curie Ambassadorial Activity, Autumn 2012 – Spring 2013


Green Future

The Project “Green Future” is a collaboration between Karlstad University and schools in Karlstad and Värmland region, Sweden. The main target of this project is to introduce students at high schools in the field of natural sciences. This type of activity is designed for 12 – 16 years old children and in fact it is lessons held in popular science style. Chemistry and paper industry are presented more on “friendly” level, where actually children can understand some phenomena and processes.

“Green Future” has been run 7 times during autumn 2012 and same amount during spring 2013 – 14 lessons. At each lesson our class consisted of 20 to 24 students. At the beginning of the lesson the class watched a short movie, which explains them the serious problem with high petroleum products consumption.  After that the class was divided in 4 groups and each group had to follow its guide to his/her laboratory, placed in the future. The four laboratories from the future had their different topics. The following diagram represents all four laboratories and their message.

After all students visited the laboratories, discussions about Marie Curie and MC Fellowship were carried out.

The event was covered in the local press; follow the link below for more information.